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What our clients say

“invaluable in supporting us”

“We’re building care infrastructure for a new era of internet enabled public institutions. Burley Law has been invaluable in supporting us as we grow the team, handle sensitive patient information, and drive innovation in this challenging market.

We highly recommend Burley Law for any forward thinking business that is attempting to make the world better.”

Hector Alexander, Co-founder

“recognises how the law and technology should work together”

“Burley Law are uniquely positioned to help fast-growing, innovative, tech businesses because this is what they do all the time. They understand our collaborative culture and share our values.

Des’s expertise in the technology sector has been a vital asset to our relationship as he recognises how the law and technology should work together.”

Mike Brooman

“an attentive, intimate firm”

“As a new business, we wanted a firm that understood our needs who we could develop a long-term relationship with. We instructed them to help us with various issues around the launch of our business and our new SaaS product. 

Burley Law are an attentive, intimate firm.  Direct access to Des and Liz ensures our work is handled personally and efficiently so that we feel appreciated.  We have been delighted by the high quality approach Burley Law has taken to tackle our commercial, IP and employment issues. There is an open line of communication throughout.  Burley Law’s service is genuinely personal and we are looking forward to working with them as we grow.”

Chris Dalton, CEO, Jobmate Ltd
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