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‘Embed themselves in your strategic thinking’

Burley Law goes the extra mile to embed themselves in your strategic thinking and corporate aspirations.

As a start-up I wish I’d engaged with them sooner.

Renaissance Management Consultancy Ltd

‘highly recommended for any forward thinking business’

We’re building care infrastructure for a new era of internet enabled public institutions. Burley Law has been invaluable in supporting us as we grow the team, handle sensitive patient information, and drive innovation in this challenging market. we highly recommend Burley Law for any forward thinking business that is attempting to make the world better.

Hector Alexander, Co-founder, YOKERU

‘Deep understanding of the sector’

Des’s accessibility, together with his deep understanding of the sector and ability to grapple with new circumstances, means that I get real-time answers that cut right to the heart of the issue. 

We don’t have to mould ourselves to the ‘legal’ advice given to us – rather, the advice is already moulded to our unique environment and challenges.

Dr Nayan Patel, Head of Commercialisation & Contracts, Birmingham City University

‘uniquely able to see our problems through our lens’

We can draw the expert IP and university contracts knowledge that Des has gained working on the ground within university commercialisation teams.  This means he is uniquely able to see our problems through our lens, rather than that of an external lawyer.

Christopher Heidt, Contracts & Operations Manager, ABERYSTWYTH UNIVERSITY

‘We are impressed by Burley Law’s extensive expertise which has helped prepare us to evolve into market leaders.’

Burley Law are an attentive, intimate firm.  Direct access to Des and Liz ensures our work is handled personally and efficiently so that we feel appreciated. 

Matt Jones, Founder & MD, Oxbridge Ltd