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The base for business success?
A solid legal foundation.

Our approach is simple: support the protection and commercialisation of your innovations and IP in a way that fits your business. We manage international IP portfolios for our clients from various sectors, including universities and online-learning, fashion, e-commerce, SaaS providers and technology innovators.


Services Provided

Navigating the IP Journey with Precision and Care

Understanding your vision: Every innovation starts with a vision. Our role is to deeply understand your ideas and ambitions. Through personal consultations, we develop a clear picture of what you aim to achieve, tailoring our approach to fit your unique Commercial Law and IP requirements.

Comprehensive legal services: From the initial stages of setting your business up with the right contracts, patents and policies to enforcing your rights, we offer a full spectrum of services. Trust us with the complexities of Commercial and IP law so you can focus on innovation.

‘their advice is personal, relevant and first-hand’

Des and Liz have acted as integrated members of our team.  This flexible approach attracts clients, like us, who need experienced and specialist lawyers who prioritise our time, interests, and objectives as a business. 

Their legal knowledge and experience in setting up their own business means their advice is personal, relevant and first-hand.  They understand that we need results and deliver every time.

Matt Jones, Founder & MD, Oxbridge Ltd

‘Focused answers’

Des anticipates and identifies our commercial responsibilities quickly and, most importantly, highlights any traps. 

I don’t have to read through pages of law and interpret it, I get focused answers which I can rely on, saving both time and cost.

Dr Nayan Patel, Head of Commercialisation & Contracts, Birmingham City University

‘attentive, intimate firm’

Burley Law are an attentive, intimate firm.  Direct access to Des and Liz ensures our work is handled personally and efficiently so that we feel appreciated. 

Chris Dalton, CEO, Jobmate Ltd
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‘didn’t get lost by the lingo’

From the first phone call I felt very at ease, Des was very calm and personable and I didn’t get lost by the lingo with which many companies blind you with. 

Christy Windle, Crafty Pods UK

‘They understand our collaborative culture and share our values.’

Mike Brooman, VANTI

‘like having your own in-house legal team’

Burley Law goes the extra mile to embed themselves in your strategic thinking and corporate aspirations.

It’s like having your own in-house legal team but without the full-time cost. They quickly align with what you’re trying to achieve and where you’re trying to get to commercially.

Renaissance Management Consultancy Ltd

‘service is genuinely personal’

There is an open line of communication throughout.  Burley Law’s service is genuinely personal and we are looking forward to working with them as we grow.

Chris Dalton, CEO, Jobmate Ltd
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‘Burley Law have mastered client service by fostering an in-house feel to their firm. We see Des as an integrated member of our team.’

Christopher Heidt, Contracts & Operations Manager, ABERYSTWYTH UNIVERSITY

    Empowering Diverse Sectors

    A Sector-Wide Approach: We pride ourselves on our ability to serve a variety of sectors. Whether it’s the dynamic world of fashion, the forward-thinking field of SaaS, or groundbreaking university research, we have the expertise to support and enhance your specific IP needs.

    Real Results for Real Innovators: Our success stories span a range of industries, demonstrating our ability to adapt and deliver in an ever-changing landscape.

    Absolutely wonderful experience with a man in the know how of IP and NDAs. Des was extremely helpful and knowledgeable in his field of work and was able to provide my NDA in a very timely and succinct manner. I would highly recommend BURLEY LAW for all your IP advice. 

    Des Burley Law at desk working on IP protection

    Our Commitment to Excellence

    A Partner in Your Success: We’re not just IP lawyers; we’re partners in your journey. Our commitment is to provide not just legal expertise, but a roadmap for your innovation to thrive in the marketplace.

    Looking for something else? Ask Des.