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    IP is the essence of your business

    Our personal approach means we support the protection and commercialisation of your IP in a way that fits your requirements. We manage international IP portfolios for our clients. Sectors include universities and online-learning, fashion, e-commerce, SaaS providers and technology innovators across a variety of fields.

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    Trade Marks

    Every trading business has a brand.  Everything you do supports it so getting proper protection is crucial.  We do the lot: UK and international trade mark registration, clearance searches, oppositions, licensing your marks and stopping infringers – online and real world.  


    Copyright is powerful.  It underpins huge chunks of the economy as it covers performances, and written media as well as sound, vision and software.  It lasts for decades and is automatically recognised internationally.  We help our clients identify these rights, secure protection, enforce their rights and commercialise them effectively.


    A bundle of legal rights protect 3D and 2D designs. Some require registration and some don’t. We support our clients in optimising their strategy for design protection.


    Patents protect new products and processes. We cover patent licences, employee ownership issues, assignments and disputes.  We work closely with patent attorneys as required on patent filing.

    International IP Strategy

    We assist new entrants and established businesses in formulating and realising their global IP strategy.  


    Intellectual property rights can stop others from competing with the technology or branding of your products.  Licensing can turn this right into an income stream. The right licence agreements optimise this income whilst protecting the underlying IP.


    IP rights are valuable, but do get copied. There are a range of strategies that can be used to stop infringers and we advise on the options that will work for you.

    IP Registration

    IP rights such as patents, designs and trade marks can be registered. We register trade marks and designs in the UK directly for our clients and also overseas attorneys. We manage IP registrations globally via an international network of firms.

    IP Audits

    IP Audits identify protectable IP in a business and ways to secure ownership as a platform for improved protection and commercialisation. Public funding is available for qualifying UK businesses. Get in touch for details.

    IP Grants

    Your business may be able to obtain publicly funded grants for legal advice around intellectual property to support your growth.

    Open to qualifying UK businesses – IP Audits plus scheme. £3000 of advice to cover an IP audit report. The grant is £2500 and the business pays £500.

    Open to qualifying West Midlands businesses – IP Enabler scheme. £5000 of advice to cover an IP audit report and legal work to carry out the recommendations in the report. The grant is for £4300 and the business pays £700.

    Burley Law qualify as advisers under these schemes. Terms and conditions apply. Numbers are limited. Subject to availability. Do get in touch if you are interested in applying for these grants.

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