Should you gamble on online terms?
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Online terms and conditions
April 19, 2021

Should you gamble on online terms?

Andrew Green thought he had won big on a bet back in 2018 when the computer told him his winnings were £1.7m.  Betfred refused to pay out citing a computer error and forced him to play litigation roulette.  Backing their legal small print, Betfred picked a loser in Court and Mr Green finally collected his winnings.  Generously, Betfred apologised. 

Fortunately for Mr Green, Betfred’s very lengthy legal terms were described in the judgment as ‘unclear’, having ‘a number of infelicities of presentation’, ‘obscure’ – and not ‘fair’ and ‘transparent’ as required.

Betfred are not alone in having online terms that didn’t do as they had hoped and they got caught out.  Is the answer to wait for your terms to be challenged and reviewed by a Court through expensive, long-running litigation– or would you prefer them to be reviewed at a time and cost of your choosing by your lawyer to ensure they do precisely what you expect?  In our experience, gambling on your online terms going unchallenged isn’t worth a punt.

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