Tech Wednesday Summary
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Burley Law Tech Wednesday 18th May 2022
July 20, 2022

Our recent Tech Wednesday for the entrepreneurial and technology sector with Bruntwood was a great success.

We went through the different stages of setting up a business, from the development phase all the way to seeking the investment, and we addressed different issues to be aware of to ensure your innovative idea has the best chance of success.

Here is a breakdown of our case study on starting a business with Anna and Ben.

Stage 1: Setting up the business 

Topic 1 = Defining the legal structure of the business

Stage 2: The development stage

Topic 2 = Status of people working in the business

Topic 3 = Confidentiality and workers

Topic 4 = Securing the IP

Stage 3: Launching the product 

Topic 5 = Trade marking your brand

Stage 4: Looking for investment 

By considering all of the above when setting up the business, Ben’s chances of securing investment would have increased.

In conclusion, when you have a fantastic new and innovative idea for a business that can change the market, make sure you look at protecting your company, the product and your ideas starting with how you set up the organisation, what the different roles of people you work with mean and how you can make sure your intellectual property is secure even if the business structure may change.

If you need any more help with this, please reach out to us for an initial chat.