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Domain disputes

Domain disputes can be a significant hurdle for businesses operating in the online space, where your domain name is as crucial as your brand identity. Resolving these disputes efficiently and effectively is vital to protect your brand and maintain your online presence. At Burley Law, we offer expert assistance to help you resolve domain disputes, safeguarding your digital assets and ensuring your business continues to thrive online without interruption.

Assistance with Domain Disputes:

Resolving Disputes Quickly: Time is of the essence when it comes to domain disputes. We work diligently to resolve issues swiftly, minimising any potential impact on your business operations and online reputation.

Protecting Your Brand: Your domain name is a key part of your brand’s online identity. We help you protect this crucial asset, whether it involves challenging cybersquatters, negotiating with current domain holders, or navigating through formal dispute resolution processes.

Expert Representation: Should your domain dispute escalate, our team is ready to represent your interests in any formal proceedings, such as those under the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP) or through court action if necessary.

Advising on Strategy: Beyond immediate dispute resolution, we also offer strategic advice to prevent future issues. This includes guidance on trademark registration and domain name management strategies that can help secure your online brand identity against potential threats.

Why Work with Burley Law on Domain Disputes?

  • Specialised Knowledge: With a solid understanding of internet law and domain dispute procedures, our team is well-equipped to handle your case, no matter how complex.
  • Proactive Approach: We don’t just react to disputes; we help you put measures in place to prevent them, safeguarding your online assets for the future.
  • Clear Communication: We keep you informed at every step, explaining your options and the process in straightforward terms, so you can make informed decisions about your domain dispute.

Secure Your Online Identity with Confidence

Domain disputes need not derail your online business operations or damage your brand. With Burley Law’s support, you can navigate these challenges confidently, ensuring your domain—and your business—remains securely in your hands. Reach out to us to learn how we can assist you in resolving domain disputes and protecting your online identity.


Run Your Online Store with Confidence

E-commerce has opened up a world of opportunities for businesses to reach new markets and customers. Yet, with these opportunities come responsibilities, especially in terms of legal compliance and customer trust. At Burley Law, we’re committed to helping you run your online shop in a way that’s both successful and straightforward, ensuring your operations are up to scratch with the latest regulations and best practices.

Expert E-commerce Guidance:

Legal Compliance: It’s vital to ensure your e-commerce activities align with current laws, from consumer rights to digital privacy. We demystify these regulations for you, offering clear advice on how to keep your online business compliant and your customers satisfied.

Terms and Conditions: Your website’s terms and conditions are your contract with your customers. We help you draft these to be clear, fair, and protective of both parties, covering aspects like returns, deliveries, and payments in language everyone can understand.

Data Protection: Handling customer data responsibly is at the heart of building trust. We guide you through establishing robust data protection practices, ensuring your customers’ information is safe and their privacy respected.

Dispute Resolution: Should disputes or complaints arise, having a clear process in place is key to resolving them efficiently and maintaining customer trust. We advise on setting up fair, straightforward dispute resolution mechanisms.

Why Choose Burley Law for Your E-commerce Business?

  • Focused Expertise: Our deep knowledge of e-commerce law means we can provide you with advice that’s not only accurate but also practical, tailored to the unique needs of online retail.
  • Straightforward Advice: We believe in keeping things simple. Our guidance is given in plain English, helping you understand your obligations and how to meet them without getting bogged down in legal jargon.
  • Proactive Support: We’re not just here to solve problems; we’re here to help you prevent them. By staying ahead of changes in e-commerce law and consumer trends, we ensure your business remains competitive and compliant.

E-commerce doesn’t have to be complicated. With Burley Law’s support, you can master the essentials of running an online shop with ease, focusing on growing your business and serving your customers. Get in touch with us to discover how we can help your e-commerce business thrive in a safe, legal, and customer-friendly way.

Data sharing

Sharing data is a fundamental part of modern business operations, offering opportunities for growth and innovation. However, it’s crucial to manage this process carefully to protect privacy and comply with laws. At Burley Law, we’re here to help you share data responsibly, ensuring your practices are both legally sound and respectful of individual rights.

Guidance on Data Sharing:

Clarifying Legal Obligations: We start by making sure you understand the laws and regulations that apply to sharing data in your sector. This includes GDPR in the UK and any other relevant international regulations that might affect your business.

Creating Clear Data Sharing Agreements: It’s important that any agreement is straightforward, outlining exactly how gatherer user information will be used, stored, and protected. We’ll work with you to draft agreements that are clear to all parties involved, offering peace of mind and legal protection.

Protecting Privacy: Respecting the privacy of the individuals whose information you’re handling is paramount. We guide you on best practices for data anonymisation and securing consent, ensuring you uphold high privacy standards.

Risk Management: Sharing does come with risks, such as potential data breaches or misuse. We help you put in place measures to reduce these risks, ensuring that data sharing adds value to your business without exposing it to unnecessary vulnerabilities.

Why Work with Burley Law on Data Sharing?

  • Expert Knowledge: Our team is well-versed in the complexities of data protection law, offering you expertise that’s both deep and broad.
  • Bespoke Advice: We understand that each business’s data sharing needs are unique. Our advice is tailored to your specific circumstances, goals, and the nature of the data you’re sharing.
  • Commitment to Privacy: We believe in the importance of privacy and work diligently to ensure your data sharing practices respect individual rights.

Share Data with Confidence

With the right approach, sharing data can be a powerful tool for your business. Let Burley Law guide you in setting up responsible, compliant practices that support your business goals while protecting privacy.

Online liability

The virtual realm presents a unique set of challenges for businesses, where actions and content can lead to unforeseen legal consequences. We provide expert guidance to ensure your online activities are conducted in a manner that minimises liability risks, safeguarding your business and reputation.

Expert Guidance on Online Liability:

Understanding Your Responsibilities: We begin by clarifying your legal obligations and potential liabilities associated with your online presence. This encompasses everything from the content you publish to the third-party interactions on your platforms.

Developing Robust Policies: Implementing clear, comprehensive policies is key to managing online risks. We assist in crafting policies that detail user conduct, content guidelines, and data handling practices, offering clarity to your users and protection for your business.

Proactive Risk Management: Our approach focuses on identifying and mitigating risks before they escalate into liabilities. This includes advising on content moderation strategies, copyright compliance, and secure data practices to maintain a safe online environment.

Legal Defence Strategies: Should disputes arise, we’re prepared to defend your interests robustly. Our team offers strategic legal advice and representation to navigate claims of defamation, copyright infringement, or data breaches effectively.

Why Choose Burley Law for Managing Online Liability?

  • Specialised Digital Expertise: With a wealth of experience in digital law, our team is adept at tackling the complex issues surrounding online liability, providing you with informed and effective strategies.
  • Customised Solutions: Recognising the unique aspects of each business’s online presence, we offer tailored advice that aligns with your specific needs and operational context.
  • Preventative Focus: By prioritising preventative measures, we aim to shield your business from potential liabilities, ensuring that you can operate with confidence in the online space.

Protecting your business from online liabilities is crucial for maintaining your operational integrity and reputation. With Burley Law’s expert guidance, you can navigate the digital domain assuredly, knowing that your liability risks are well managed. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in securing your online operations against potential legal challenges.

Mobile app compliance

Mobile app compliance is not just about adhering to regulations; it’s about creating a safe, secure, and trustworthy environment for your users. As mobile apps continue to dominate digital interactions, ensuring your app meets all legal requirements is crucial for protecting your users and your business. Burley Law is here to guide you through every aspect of mobile app compliance, from data protection and user privacy to intellectual property rights and accessibility standards.

Comprehensive Mobile App Compliance Services:

Data Protection and User Privacy: In an era where user data is gold, ensuring your app complies with data protection laws like the GDPR is paramount. We help you implement robust privacy policies that are transparent, informing users about how their data is handled, stored, and protected.

Intellectual Property Protection: Safeguarding your app’s unique features, content, and branding from infringement while respecting others’ IP rights is a delicate balance. We navigate you through securing your intellectual property and advise on using third-party content within your app legally.

Accessibility Standards: Making your app accessible to everyone, including users with disabilities, is not only ethical but often a legal requirement. We provide guidance on integrating accessibility features that enhance user experience and comply with legal standards.

E-commerce and In-App Purchases: For apps facilitating transactions, compliance with e-commerce regulations ensures transactions are secure, transparent, and fair. We cover everything from consumer rights to transaction security, ensuring your app offers a seamless and compliant shopping experience.

Why Partner with Burley Law for Your Mobile App Compliance?

  • Digital Law Expertise: Our team’s expertise in digital and mobile app law means we’re well-equipped to address the specific challenges and opportunities presented by mobile applications.
  • Forward-Looking Strategies: We focus on proactive compliance, anticipating changes in laws and regulations to keep your app ahead of the curve and minimise potential legal issues.
  • Tailored to Your Needs: Understanding that each app is unique, we offer customised advice that aligns with your app’s functionality, target audience, and business goals, ensuring compliance doesn’t come at the expense of innovation.

A fully compliant mobile app is essential for building trust with your users and ensuring a smooth operation free from legal headaches. Reach out to discover how our expertise can help your app not only meet legal standards but exceed user expectations, driving growth and success in the digital marketplace.

Website compliance

Ensuring your website is fully compliant with the latest regulations isn’t just about ticking boxes; it’s about fostering trust with your visitors, enhancing user experience, and protecting your business from potential legal pitfalls. We can help you ensuring your website is compliant, covering everything from data protection and privacy policies to accessibility standards and copyright laws.

Tailored Website Compliance Services:

Data Protection and Privacy: With data protection laws such as GDPR in the spotlight, we ensure your website’s data handling practices are up to scratch. This includes crafting clear, concise privacy policies that inform your users how their data is used, stored, and protected.

Accessibility Compliance: Making your website accessible to all users, including those with disabilities, is not just good practice—it’s a legal requirement in many jurisdictions. We advise on implementing the necessary changes to meet accessibility standards, thereby broadening your audience and enhancing user experience.

Copyright and Content Licensing: Protecting your own content while ensuring you’re not infringing on others’ copyrights is a delicate balance. We help you navigate copyright laws, secure the appropriate licenses for third-party content, and advise on protecting your original works.

E-commerce Regulations: If you’re selling online, there are additional layers of compliance to consider, from consumer rights to transaction security. We provide comprehensive guidance to ensure your e-commerce operations are fully compliant and customer-friendly.

Why Choose Burley Law for Website Compliance?

  • Expert Insight: Our deep understanding of digital law means we can offer you cutting-edge advice on website compliance, helping you navigate the complexities with ease.
  • Proactive Strategies: We don’t just react to compliance issues; we anticipate them, offering strategies that keep your website ahead of legal changes and industry standards.
  • Business-Focused Approach: We recognise the importance of balancing compliance with commercial objectives. Our advice is always tailored to support your business’s growth and digital strategy.

A compliant website is a cornerstone of a successful digital presence, ensuring your business operates smoothly and builds trust with your audience. Burley Law is here to ensure that your website not only meets all legal requirements but also supports your business goals. Reach out to us to find out how we can help you achieve complete website compliance, allowing you to focus on what you do best: growing your business.

Online infringement

Online infringement poses a significant challenge in today’s digital marketplace, where intellectual property (IP) can be copied and shared at the click of a button. Protecting your brand and content against such infringements is crucial for maintaining your competitive edge and safeguarding your reputation. At Burley Law, we defend businesses, employing a range of strategies to protect your digital assets and enforce your rights.

Comprehensive Online Infringement Services:

Strategic Infringement Defence: Every online business faces unique challenges when it comes to protecting its IP. We provide bespoke strategies tailored to your specific needs, whether that involves taking down unauthorised content, addressing counterfeit goods, or protecting your brand identity online.

Proactive Monitoring and Action: The key to effectively combating this kind of infringement is staying one step ahead. We help set up monitoring systems that alert you to potential infringements of your IP, enabling swift action to prevent damage to your brand and revenue.

Negotiation and Resolution: Not every infringement requires a legal showdown. We’re skilled in negotiating resolutions that protect your interests while avoiding costly litigation, whenever possible.

Legal Enforcement: When negotiations don’t suffice, we’re prepared to enforce your rights through legal channels. From issuing cease and desist letters to pursuing litigation, we stand ready to defend your IP against online infringement vigorously.

Why Partner with Burley Law for Online Infringement Issues?

  • Digital Expertise: Our team has a deep understanding of the digital landscape and the specific challenges it poses to IP rights. We use this knowledge to craft effective, informed strategies for our clients.
  • Tailored Approach: We know that one-size-fits-all solutions don’t work when it comes to IP protection. Our advice and strategies are customised to fit the unique aspects of your business and the specific threats you face.
  • Focus on Prevention: By prioritising preventative measures and proactive monitoring, we aim to minimise the risk of infringement before it affects your business.

In the face of online infringement, having a robust defence strategy is essential. Burley Law is dedicated to protecting your digital presence, ensuring that your IP rights are enforced, and your brand remains secure. Get in touch to discover how we can help you tackle online infringement head-on, allowing you to focus on growing your business with peace of mind.

Privacy policies

Build Trust with a Compliant Privacy Policy

Privacy policies are not just a legal requirement; they’re a key aspect of building trust with your customers. As businesses collect, use, and store more personal information than ever before, having a transparent and compliant privacy policy is crucial. We can help you with the crafting of privacy policies that not only meet the stringent requirements of data protection laws but also communicate clearly with your audience, ensuring they understand how their data is handled.

Personalised Privacy Policy Services:

Tailored to Your Business: We understand that each business has unique data practices. That’s why we customise your privacy policy to reflect exactly how you collect, use, and protect user data, ensuring it aligns with your specific operations and customer interactions.

Risk Reduction: In the realm of data protection, the stakes are high. Our expertise helps you navigate potential pitfalls, ensuring your privacy policy covers all necessary aspects to protect your business and your customers from data misuse and breaches.

Clear Communication: A privacy policy shouldn’t be a maze of legal jargon. We strive to make yours accessible and understandable, fostering trust by ensuring your customers know exactly what to expect regarding their personal information.

Staying Ahead of the Curve: Data protection regulations are constantly evolving. We ensure your privacy policy isn’t just compliant today but is also crafted with an eye on the future, ready to adapt to changes in legislation and best practices.

Why Choose Burley Law for Your Privacy Policy Needs?

  • Expertise in Data Protection: Our deep understanding of data protection legislation, both in the UK and internationally, ensures your privacy policy is robust and compliant.
  • Proactive Approach: We don’t just react to changes in data protection laws; we anticipate them, providing you with a privacy policy that’s future-proof.
  • Business-Centric Methodology: Beyond compliance, we consider your business goals, helping you to craft a privacy policy that supports user trust and engagement.

With the right privacy policy, you can demonstrate your commitment to data protection, building a foundation of trust with your customers. Burley Law is here to guide you through creating a privacy policy that not only meets legal standards but also aligns with your brand’s values and customer expectations. Reach out to us to find out how we can help you develop a privacy policy that protects, communicates, and reassures.

User generated content

User-generated content (UGC) has become a cornerstone of digital marketing strategies, offering authenticity and engagement that brands strive for. However, harnessing the power of UGC comes with its own legal intricacies. We understand the complexities of user-generated content and are ensuring your brand can utilise this dynamic resource while staying within legal boundaries.

Bespoke Strategies for UGC:

Crafting Clear User Generated Content Policies: We tailor your UGC policies to fit the unique nature of your platform and the specific type of content your users create. Our customised approach ensures that your guidelines are not only clear to your users but also robust in protecting your brand.

Protecting Your Brand: Embracing UGC means opening up to content from a wide array of sources. We’re here to help you manage this diversity safely, advising on copyright issues, moderating content for potential risks, and protecting your brand from misuse.

Navigating Rights and Permissions: UGC often involves navigating the fine line between use and infringement. We guide you in obtaining the necessary permissions for user content, ensuring that your use of UGC respects creators’ rights and complies with copyright laws.

Adapting to Regulatory Changes: The digital landscape and its regulations are continually evolving. We keep your UGC policies agile, ensuring they remain effective and compliant with the latest legal developments and best practices.

Why Partner with Burley Law for Your UGC Needs?

  • In-Depth Digital Expertise: Our team’s specialised knowledge in digital content and copyright law provides you with insights and strategies tailored to the digital realm.
  • Proactive Risk Management: By anticipating potential legal challenges associated with UGC, we offer proactive solutions that safeguard your brand ahead of time.
  • A Collaborative Approach: Understanding your brand’s vision and goals allows us to offer more than just legal advice; we provide strategic guidance to help you maximise the benefits of UGC.

Leverage User-Generated Content with Confidence

Team up with Burley Law and confidently use user-generated content to boost your brand’s authenticity and engagement, ensuring everything is legal and compliant. Contact us to find out how we can help you focus on growing your brand.

Selling online

Selling online has utterly transformed the way businesses connect with their customers, turning global marketplaces into neighbourhood shops. At Burley Law, we grasp the critical nature of smooth, secure online transactions and dedicate ourselves to creating terms and conditions that safeguard your e-commerce activities whilst nurturing trust with your clientele.

Tailored E-Commerce Solutions:

Customised Terms for Your Online Shop: Acknowledging the variety of online businesses, we ensure your terms and conditions are specifically designed to reflect your products, services, and the unique interactions you have with your customers. This bespoke approach guarantees that the legal backbone of your online shop is as distinctive as your brand itself.

Understanding Digital Risks: The online marketplace presents numerous legal challenges, from data protection to consumer rights issues. Our expertise empowers us to shield your online selling platform from these risks, facilitating operations that protect both you and your customers.

Transparency for Your Customers: Trust is the foundation of any successful online enterprise, and it begins with clear, understandable terms of use. By demystifying the purchasing process for your customers, we enhance their confidence and loyalty towards your brand.

Keeping Pace with Change: The e-commerce environment is ever-changing, with legal and regulatory frameworks constantly evolving. We ensure your terms and conditions are adaptable, keeping them up-to-date and compliant with the latest e-commerce regulations and best practices.

Why Opt for Burley Law for Your Online Selling Strategy?

  • Specialised Retail Insight: Our concentrated expertise in the e-commerce sector means we’re perfectly positioned to address the particular legal needs of online retailers, giving you an advantage in the marketplace.
  • Forward-Thinking Legal Approaches: We proactively tackle potential issues, offering strategies that protect your business in advance.
  • Collaborative Partnership: We see ourselves as more than legal advisers; we’re your partners in e-commerce success, dedicated to understanding your business goals and aiding in your growth.

With Burley Law’s support, you can make sure that your online selling platform is legally robust as well as primed for customer satisfaction and business expansion. Get in touch to discover how we can assist you in mastering the complexities of selling online, enabling you to concentrate on expanding your business.